Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kids = Going Broke!

Indie Bookfest 2014

Ainsley Shay and I will be going to the Indie Bookfest 2014 in August, and looking forward to meeting some fellow bloggers/authors, and one of our favorite cover designers (Najla Qamber Designs). If anyone else is going, please let me know and I'll be on the lookout for you. It's always nice to meet someone in person. 

We will also be meeting Hugh Howey this month at one of the local libraries. It's funny that he lives in the same town, yet, I've only ever seen him online, mostly through Facebook. I love his inspiring blog posts, not to mention his books.

On a more personal note...Kids are expensive! They also don't get any cheaper the older they become. This month I've had to dish out money for a prom dress, grad trip, college tuition deposit, and the orientation fee for college (I didn't have one when I went). I haven't even come to the alterations for the dress, the hair for the prom at the end of the month, or the fancy graduation dinner coming up soon. 

For some reason, I also end up with more kids then I gave birth to sometimes. I pay the cell phone bill for my daughters best friend, as well as provide food for the neighborhood...or so it feels like most days. I'm the woman living in the shoe with all those kids.

They are worth it, though. They better have one damn good retirement home for me in the future. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Wheels are Turning!

This is only my second post of the year...I've truly missed the blogging world, although I have been reading some great posts, and keeping in touch via Facebook.

Picture: The South Florida Fair came in January. I mainly go to watch the people, and maybe eat some of the food. I think it helps keep me away from fried foods for quite a while after. What do you like most about going to fairs?

Exciting news on the writing front: I've recently completed an early reader picture book that is now being illustrated. That will be a pretty exciting little series for youngsters. Can't wait to reveal more on the project within the next couple of months.

And just less than a few minutes ago, I put the finishing touches on a novel that Jay Noel and I have been working on for years now. It's very exciting!! We really look forward to sharing this little gem with you all in the next few months.

What have you been up to? Any exciting news you'd like to share?